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At Todd's Driver Training we pride ourselves in offering bespoke driving lessons, so why would the theory be any different. See below how we support you.

Chris Bensted at ‘Theory Test Explained’ provides 1:1 Zoom sessions focussed on rules, skills, understanding and knowledge.
He regularly helps pupils scoring below-35 to a pass, sometimes in as little as one session.

Sessions last 1 hour and are packed with strategies and solutions. They include full access to Theory Test Pro and Chris’ support.
You can check him out on Instagram - TheoryTestExplained and TikTok - TheoryTestExplained

Contact Chris for a FREE assessment before you decide on doing the first session and mention Diana Todd for discounted rates. Just text or WhatsApp 07775809833 or visit Theory Test Explained on Facebook.


All learners will get free access to Thery test pro to help you study for your theory test. However we can also offer 121 support via Zoom with Chris Bensted who is a renowned theory specialist who supports people who may find the theory daunting or would like some additional support. full details below.

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