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International Womens Day! A time to celebrate everything that we are!

I just wanted to celebrate International Women’s Day by telling you what I’m proud of and a little more about my experience. Why did I want to become a driving instructor? Honest answer, I don’t actually think I did, I just wanted to be able to spend more time with my Daughter and have the flexibility to work around family commitments. HOWEVER, I found when I started training, that I had a real thirst for more and the motivation was definitely found in making a difference, not only to the pupils and their lives but the bigger picture on helping them prepare not just to pass a test but to really experience what it’s like to drive, be responsible, make decisions, explore consequences all whilst having fun.

I started out on my journey to become a driving instructor in October 2019, passing the first 2 parts of my driving qualifications 1st time, then Covid hit and although this was a horrendous time for so many, especially the newly self-employed, which is the position I found myself in, it did give me a lot of time to study and learn from the Fabulous driving instructor and Trainer Lou Walsh, who I am lucky enough to now call my friend. I then went on to pass my qualifying exam on my 1st attempt with the highest grade of an A, which is extremely rare and I’d like to say I had a lot of local support and the support of my family and friends.

I don’t think many achievements are done on your own, a lot requires a team effort and I suppose that’s what it’s like when I’m teaching people to drive, it’s a team effort where we continue to explore what’s right for them and how we can always keep improving, me included.

This year I’m embarking on and exploring a lot of continuous personal development including alternative coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety, further advanced Driver training and instructor training, to name just a few but really what I want to celebrate this international women’s day, is all the fabulous remarkable women out there who are changing and improving the world minute by minute, day by day, year by year and for that I thank you for being my inspiration and inspiring me to be the best I can be for my family and passing this on to my own little warrior girl.

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