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How do I save money on driving lessons for my child?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

While it's important to invest in driving lessons to ensure you are a safe and competent driver, the costs of these lessons can add up. One way to potentially reduce the costs of driving lessons is to educate your children as you drive.

By involving your children in the process of driving, you not only teach them about road safety and the rules of the road, but you also provide them with valuable real-life experience. This can help them become more confident and aware when it comes to driving themselves.

There are a few ways you can educate your children as you drive. For example, you can point out different road signs and explain their meanings, or ask your children to read directions to help them practice their reading skills. You can also give them simple math problems to help them with their mental agility.
One of the hardest concepts for new drivers to learn is Judgement. A simple solution to help with children’s safety in general and with driving is to ask them questions like the ones below:
“Can Mummy / Daddy (shorten dependant on age) turn now?” So that you know their answer is not a guess, ask them for details as to why they have made that decision.
“What should I do now? Wait here or let that person come through? Tell me why”(Especially good when dealing with meeting traffic) “What can you see up ahead that might cause me to slow down?” This teaches them awareness and anticipation. 2 of the key skills you need to becoming a safe driver.
Below is a simple example of me on the drive to school with my 7 year old Daughter. Asking questions and encouraging that her awareness, planning and judgement skills. I would suggest that this or a form of this could be started from as young as 3-4

Of course, it's important to focus on driving safely, so make sure that you only engage with your children in ways that don't distract you from the road. Overall, educating your children as you drive can be a great way to save money on driving lessons while also helping your children develop important skills and knowledge for life.

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